Our Community

OUR Community


You're like us.

You have a family, a job, bills to pay, recitals to watch, supper to cook, and countless other obligations.  Yet, you know you're supposed to take time for you. Time to invest in your health, manage your stress, lose weight, FLOSS for crying out loud! 
But when?


Check out our "busy life support group".

You'd like it here.

It's intimidating at first, sure, but no matter who you are, you'll be greeted with smiling introductions. Sweaty probably, but smiling.

It's way outside of your comfort zone, but that's where real change lives.

This stuff, this tough-looking stuff, works. If you show up and do the work, your body will change and your life will move with it.

We'll keep you safe, we'll cheer you on, we'll hold you accountable, we'll celebrate your great efforts and marvelous victories. 

Because we're just like you.

OUR Team

     I started my journey as a health and fitness professional over 10 years ago with my first personal training certification and a degree in biology from one of the best schools in the country. For me, fitness has always been a bridge to fun and adventure with the people I care about.  I’ve been blessed to share incredible experiences with friends and family all over the world from tracking rhinos in Africa and skiing in Switzerland to hunting, hiking, and rafting some of the wilder mountains and rivers of our continent. I’ve run ultramarathons, competed in soldiering competitions, co-founded a combat sports club, and, since 2015, I’ve been privileged to lead a growing fitness community with CrossFit Great North.

     My mission in fitness has always been to help people claim their own freedom and do their own crazy.  In 2015, that mission shifted with the loss of my grandfather to Alzheimer’s and cancer. Witnessing his decline from a strong, supremely capable man to succumbing to the indignity of dementia was a powerfully tragic experience for all who knew him.  When we train, we must train with an eye on our future. We eliminate pain, improve basic human function, then drive performance so that we can enjoy our adventures, play with our grandkids, and tap dance at our 80th birthday party. We avoid the nursing home by always being able to escape from one.

     I've helped people achieve results from losing 100 pounds and eliminating years of back pain, to climbing a rope, getting their first pullup, or simply feeling better during the day. My fitness journey has been incredibly rewarding thus far, and I look forward to helping others claim their strength and freedom for a long time to come.

     When I’m not at the gym, you can bet I’m home helping my partner in crime, Ashley, raise our two little rascals, Dawson and Katie, and take care of our mini-farm/petting zoo.  Marriage and parenting have turned out to be incredible adventures in their own right and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.


  • CrossFit Level 1


Head Coach



crossfit coach

  I started doing CrossFit over 6 years ago for the normal reasons: I was unhealthy, tired, and miserable. I knew that I needed to do something if I wanted to keep up with my active kids. It's never easy to get outside your comfort zone, but, thankfully, I did it, and it was the best decision I’ve made regarding my health.

     After 6 years, I wanted to take things to the next level, so I completed the L-1 course to become a CrossFit coach. As cheesy as it sounds, I felt such pride being part of the CrossFit community after taking the class. It’s a program that is designed for anyone….YES…ANYONE! You don’t have to be in shape to start CrossFit, you don’t have to be young to do CrossFit, and you don’t have to be scared of it!

     When I’m not at the gym, I stay busy running my in-home child care business. My kids are active in sports (hockey, baseball, football, dance, softball, tennis) and I LOVE watching them! I love to cook, and our family loves camping across the USA. Our goal is to hit all 50 states.     

     There is no doubt that CrossFit has changed my life, and I’m able to do all that I do because I stay active and healthy.

  I was introduced to CrossFit Great North when it was still called Northfit. Boxing/ MMA was something I was very interested in and Coach Tate was the only person in the area offering it so I started personal training with him when I was 15. After about a year of that and using CrossFit as conditioning for boxing and getting in shape for basketball season, I found myself enjoying the CrossFit part a lot more. So at 16, I decided to go all in with CrossFit and fell totally in love. I found myself wanting to be more and more involved at the gym so that started my internship with Tate and in April of 2019 I went on to get my CrossFit level 1 certification. Since then I’ve found a love for coaching. Getting to share my love for CrossFit and health with others is the best thing I could’ve asked for. I get to see people surprise themselves and gain an indescribable amount of confidence daily. CrossFit is for anyone with a body, if you have a body you are an athlete! I’m currently in my senior year of high school and will graduate in May 2020. I'm hoping to attend college in the Twin cities or in Fort Lauderdale for exercise science and pursue a career as a sports practitioner of some type. CrossFit will continually be a big part of my future if I have any choice in it! It’s changed my life and hopefully can change others too.


crossfit coach