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Building Virtue

Beyond the Field

Our Rise Strong Athlete program starts June 15th, runs for 10 weeks, and will be an intensive, top-to-bottom overhaul and education in building raw athleticism and an unbeatable mind for just over 7 bucks a day.

50 Battle-Tested Workouts 

Low-Tech, High Effect to maximize strength, power, and conditioning - anywhere.

Cutting-Edge Knowledge

Get beyond bro-science and into how your body really works for lasting health and performance.

Real-Life Skills

and Challenges

Learning life skills and overcoming challenges builds freedom and competence.

Timeless Virtues

and Ironclad Mindset

The battle between the ears is the most important we face.  Here are the tools to triumph.

Winning Routines

and Habits

We are what we consistently do.  Take charge of the little things to conquer the big things.



Trainerize is a leading platform enabling coaches and athletes to work together, even apart.

Meet Coach Tate

Since 2007, I've been helping people find freedom through fitness.  I'm here to help you bust past what's holding you back, to cast off the chains and rise strong to your best self.

What you'll get

  • App-driven 10 week daily exercise, nutrition, and mindset program for health and performance

  • Any-time 2-way messaging and periodic zoom meetings.

  • Solid foundation in health for the future

What you'll need

  • Mobile device to run the free Trainerize App

  • An open mind and a commitment to yourself

  • Willingness to find and/or make your own equipment

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you lean in, do the work, learn the lessons and are not happy with your results, I will refund your money in total.

Rise Strong Athlete

Take charge of your health, your performance, and your life, on and off the field.  Join us for 10 weeks of intensive learning, working, and growing.  We can't wait to see you Rise Strong!


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